Thursday, July 19, 2007

Twyla - WIP report

I feel like I've been neglecting poor Twlya . An awesome textured stitch design first drew me to the Twyla Cardigan by Berroco. Lot of other distractions both fiber-related and non-fiber related have kept me away, but lately she's had all my fiber-attention. One reason it's been hard to find time to crochet Twyla is that I was at the point on the front panels where there is shaping on both sides, and this requires a bit of attention. This weekend at CGOA I had one of those (DUH!) moments. Lily Chin was teaching us some details about adding shaping to existing patterns and we were using gauged graph paper. She mentioned in passing that sometimes it helps to chart out a written pattern when there's shaping on both sides (DUH!). I have used graph paper a zillion time when reworking patterns - the Caprice dress for Abby, the Drops Top sleeves, the Autumn Spice challenge, but I never thought about using it to just make life easier in a pattern without a problem. Since I graphed out the front panel my hooks have been flying.
Now I can really show off my blocking board!

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