Thursday, July 19, 2007

Birthday goodies..

I mentioned on Yahoo crochet-a-long that my dh took my not so subtle hint (I left this website, with the best price I could find, open on the computer several days in a row) and bought me this large Sew-EZ blocking board for my birthday.

There's more info at this site (after all this is their awesome picture, so I should link to them too!) Honestly, only later did I remember that I had told him that going to and taking classes at CGOA Chain Link could be my present... ooops!

Anyway this board is amazing. Someday I'll show you the picture of Robyn's awesome piece blocking, but for now you'll just have to be patient (I'll show you Twlya blocking in a post coming to you soon!). The gridlines on the board make blocking to schematics a snap. In minutes you can have a sweater pinned and blocking.

Following tradition, my dh also took the kids shopping at the mall. He steered them away from the candle and jewery stores and they came home instead with an assortment of Godiva white chocolates (my fav) and the kids' choices in scents from Bath & Beauty including pomegranete bubble bath, pomegranete shower gel and "stress-reducing" mint hair conditioner (it actually says"breathe deeply for best results" on the bottle!).

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