Monday, May 21, 2007

FO: A B B Y pillows

Sometimes finishing an old WIP is impossible for reasons beyond your control. I started making letter pillows from the patterns by Kimberly at Woven~n~spun way back in 2005. My plan was to spell out each of my kids names (short versions!) for their beds. The letter A was available so first they each got their A.

Shortly thereafter, as the patterns became available, I added 2 Bs for my dd and an L and an E for my ds. This is where these two projects remained for over a year. Kimberly lost her Mom. I can imagine her grief was overwhelming (I've lost both of my parents) and understandably healing took time. Her project of designing alphabet pillows was put aside. While my kids have wondered wbout their missing letter, we took it as an opportunity to learn empathy and to understand that what is happening in others lives may be more important than what we want.

Well the remaining alphabet letter pillows are being designed as I write this and I was thrilled to test the latest letter out for Kimberly and thereby complete my daughter's pillow set.

Project details:
Pattern: Woven~n~spun alphabet pillows - A - B - Y
Yarn: Caron Perfect Match White, Pink & Red
Hook: Brittany 5.5mm I hook
Pattern Changes: NONE!! (can you believe it??!!)


Norah said...

Very cute!!!

Linda said...

I saw these earlier, but I didn't take time to leave a comment then. They are so cute, and I bet your children love them.

Melissa said...

Very nice! What a great result for all of your work (and patience) !

Sam said...

LOVE THEM! I'm inspired to make a few sets for my nieces.

Angela said...

Was searching for the missing alphabet pillow letters and saw this post. I wanted to do JODY for my mom but am missing O and Y - all the pdf ones; I managed to snag J eons ago so I can at least do her first initial. :) You did an excellent job on your daughter's pillows. I like the way you did the contrast stitching, especially around the Y. I'm definitely going to use that when I do the J. It's something simple that I never would have thought to do, yet makes the letter POP! Shows yo my level of creativity. :)

Anonymous said...

Some of the letters are back up.. go here:

I know the url says knit, but the crochet letters are there.