Thursday, March 06, 2008

WIP: Minicluster Socks

Did you know that March is National Crochet Month? Well, in honor of this, the Yahoo CGOA group is conducting a CAL of sorts. There is no designated leader, so it is officially a Sock Help-along as all members will "help each other along". The sock pattern we are using is "Minicluster Lace Socks" by Janet Rehfeldt (Ravel It!)which can be found in the book she co-authored with Mary Jane Wood appropriatedly entitled "Crocheted Socks!" (Ravel It!)

I am known for never leaving a pattern alone, so right off the bat I changed the cuff pattern. Actually this was done unintentionally. It has a fpdc/bpdc pattern, but not in the 1-1 style I have made many times before. By the time I realized this pattern was different, I had finished the cuff and was beginning the leg. I'm not frogging it!

By the way, I'm using Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Socka 100 in a cool blue-red colorway. I have 460m so as long as I don't make the leg too long I should be able to get 2 socks out of this skein. I'll probably stop before the toe and begin the other sock, just in case (I can always make toes in a contrasting color).

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Mary Sarah said...

Love the yarn you chose for the socks. I haven't checked out the book/pattern for these socks yet. It'll be fun to see yours when complete.