Thursday, March 27, 2008

CGOA Chain Link

I love the fact that our National meeting takes place 40 minutes from my home. I can take classes with famous designers, shop at the Market Place, enjoy the company of fellow fiber enthusiasts and still come home and see my family at night! The only sad thing is that I forgot the meeting was moved from the beginning to the end of July so our family vacation is bumping into the front of end of the meeting. I won't be able to attend the Professional Day (wah!) but I will get there by Friday. Online class registration opened on Monday and I was ready at the computer with my finger poised on my mouse at 10am. So here's my class list:

Friday morning: F107C-Half Double Happiness with Karen Klemp
Friday afternoon: F204C-Design Your Own Stitch Pattern with Marty Miller
Saturday all day: S307C-Designing on the Vertical with Dora Ohrenstein
Sunday morning: N102C-Crocheted Tips, Tricks and Hints with Lily Chin

I can't wait!

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