Friday, December 28, 2007

FO: Easy Tweed Scarf

This was the mindless project for the car trip to NYC. I started it in Massachusetts as we began our journey south on December 22nd (after dance and piano recitals). The stitch pattern allowed me to crochet by feel in the dark, so I was able to finish it in Connecticut several hours later. I sewed in the ends when we arrived in NY. I didn't have an intended recipient, but not to worry. I wasn't even able to get a photo taken before my MIL claimed it and promptly put it away (it matches her new gloves... who knew?) Instead here's a photo of the yarn.

Easy Tweed One Skein Scarf

Project details:
Yarn: Red Heart Easy Tweed - bulky - nylon/acylic blend - 143yds
Colorway: Blue tweed
Hook: Boye K (~7.0mm) hook
Gauge: 4 st / inch
Size: Approximately 36" long x 5" wide.
Pattern: My own

Ch 146, must be an even number

  • Row 1 - sc in 2nd ch from hook, *ch 1, skip one ch, sc in next ch, repeat from * across, turn.
  • Row 2 - ch 1, sc in 1st sc, sc in ch-1 space, *ch 1, sc in next ch-1 space, repeat from * across, sc in last sc, turn.
  • Row 3 - ch 1, sc in 1st sc, *ch 1, sc in next ch-1 space, repeat from * across, sc in last sc, turn.
  • Repeat rows 2-3, until skein runs out.


KaHolly said...

As a beginner, I would be more inclined to try this pattern if you had included a picture of the finished scarf.

tamm said...

nice pattern that really shows off the colors/textures of a nice bulky yarn! :)

Thank you!! said...

A lot of effective data for myself!

Kathy Berg said...

Tried this twice. Instructions should be clearer (referring to "space"??)

Ginny said...

Would have loved to, but as I said my MIL took it

Ginny said...

Happy to help. "Space" is actually "ch-1 space" which refers to the hole under the ch-1 between the sc of the previous row. So you are crocheting an sc by placing the hook not IN the ch-1, but in the hole created by the sc, ch 1, sc of the row below.