Friday, April 04, 2008

The Button Conundrum...

I just can't decide!!! I have to figure out what Purple Haze needs so it can become wearable. Can it handle buttons through the pattern as intended or does it need the structure of adding a button placket? Will a button placket detract from the look of the sweater? Do I start with the somewhat ornate pewter buttons and see if the stitch pattern can hold these buttons? I have 5 of these so I could space them out as shown. I do think these buttons would work if I decided to add a placate, but would they be secure in the pattern holes? I guess I have to try this first.

If the oval buttons don't hold well and I decide the placate changes the look of the sweater too much then I might need a longer button that would stay in place better. I've been searching to no avail and am actually thinking of stealing the buttons off Twyla (these plain pewter, almost toggle-like buttons). In this photo, Twlya is stuffed inside Purple Haze so the button spacing was determined by where they are sewn on Twlya. I only have four of these buttons so I would have to space them out a bit more than shown.

Twyla would then need new buttons! I guess I could see if Twyla's pattern stitch can handle the more ornate oval pewter buttons. I have plenty of the yarn left from Twyla so I could tighten up the button holes as needed.

I also have some wooden toggle buttons or these round pewter buttons.....

Finally, I found buttons to use to make 3 linked-button closures for Drops 97-1. I really like how the color of the pewter buttons matches the edging and how the heart shape blends with the V-stitch pattern. What do you think?


Mary Sarah said...

Your new sweater is gorgeous. I like the 5 buttons you have with it. Twyla is perfect so don't rob Twyla for Purple Haze. LOL! I vote against the wooden toggle buttons. They just aren't right to me. Whatever you do, I'm sure it will look great!

Penny said...

I don't care for any of the buttons shown for purple haze. I think the stitch is a little too fancy for a fancy button and the rectangle are an absolutely not. I personally don't like the buttons to stand out on a beautiful handmade item but rather just to compliment it. I would rather see 5 very plain (NO pattern whatever) buttons that will just enhance but not overpower the sweater. The sweater is really very pretty and I think it would be downgrading it to use the buttons with flowers or anything else on them. JMHO

Anonymous said...

I love the ornate pewter buttons on the top. I love fancy buttons.
IMO, I think this would look nice with a nice button placket.

VicJoRob said...

Another option would be to consider using grosgrain ribbon on the inside edge of the sweater. Ribbon will help to hold the edge together, as well as bear the weight or pulls from the button. I use grosgrain ribbon when I want to add snaps. It also gives the item a little extra panache.

Anonymous said...

Re: buttons
I like the dark, oval pewter buttons on the turquoise sweater and the light round pewter buttons
on the light purple sweater. I agree with the other lady that the
toggle buttons are not appropriate. BTW, a placket is where we sew buttons or zippers;
to "placate" means to appease or give someone something that they want in order to calm them. Respectfully, Former English