Thursday, January 11, 2007

Drawstring Backpack purse - pattern modifications

I made this purse for a niece for Christmas. I found this Backpack pattern that seemed like a smaller version of what I wanted, but the pattern directions left me baffled - definitely an editorial snafu there. So I decided to make a similar backpack based on this Drawstring Purse pattern. I used Sugar 'N Cream cotton yarn in navy, and my Addi 4.5mm G hook.

My changes from this Drawstring Purse pattern:
1. I did 8 rounds of increases instead of 6 (rounds 1, 8 were sc, rounds 2-7 were dc so I had 84 sc per round when I finished the bottom of the bag.
2. I crocheted 20 rounds of hdc before beginning the drawstring round.
3. The drawstring round and final 3 rounds were as written.
4. I based the one piece drawstring/backpack strap on the "Alternate look" described on the Backpack pattern - I made a chain about 36" long and then did 4 rows of hdc. Then I laced it through the spaces in the drawstring round and sewed the straps to the base of the bag (at row 8).

I did this in the round, joining each round as called for... if I were to do it again I would spiral the bag for a neater (no traveling seam) look.


Josi said...

Hi -- this is Josi. I wanted to make certain to repsond to your comment in my journal regarding In The Loop.

The best part of the book was always going to be the accompanying CD-ROM, which included Video Stitch Guides, and Pattern Generators and hundreds of extra photos.

After making some difficult decisions with my publisher, I decided not to print a book at this time. So, for the next several months, the patterns will be released, one at a time, on Art of Crochet.

Once the website is fully functional, I think it will be obvious why I made decision -- the internet yields the best possible crochet patterns, with the least amount of dead trees.


Josi said...

ps -- that backpack is WAY CUTE.

Norma said...

Ginny! Hi! Nice to hear from you. SOrry I have been out of touch. Glad you liked my nun story...maybe I will email it to Cardinal Sean, but I'm not sure I want him reading the rest of my posts! : ) I haven't crocheted anything since last May! But, my daughter just asked me for a purple and red scarf, so we're going to hunt through my stash tonight and see what I can start tomorrow! : )

Tammy said...

Hi Ginny, I love the modifications you made to the bag. I'm the designer of the drawstring bag (over at Heartfelt Creations) Thank you for showing just how versatile our art can be and thanks fo the link back to my pattern. =)
Your bag looks great!

Lesalicious said...

I see I keep running into more Crochetvill memebers for this yahoo group lol. Love your drawstring bag haven't yet to get to doing something like tha but, looks nice.:)

Lorinda said...

i love this version of the pattern - you should post it on Ravelry as its own pattern so we can queue it up etc.